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Sound of Chinese

Last revision: July 2005

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 You can hear spoken Chinese over the Internet! You do not need special Chinese software!
All new versions of browser can play sound files. If your browser is several years old, it is easy to download the current version for free.

The following test files are recorded in RealNetwork format 
Try them out. (Note: You may need to adjust the volume control on the speaker.)

 These sound files are also used in the regular pages of China the Beautiful.


Some test files

sound000.html Just one short chime

Confucius says: When a friend arrives from afar, isn't it wonderful?

  How are you?

If you have never played any sound files before, try this. It has a short test recorded in both the older wav and the newer RealAudio format.
If you can hear the sound, ok. If you have trouble hearing the sound, check out the help file.

 These sound files are recorded in either wave (.wav) or in RealAudio (.ram) format.
These should work with Netscape browsers and Microsoft browser running under Windows as well as Mac computers.


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