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Chinese Poetry

With English Translations

ShiJing - The Book of Songs

Wang Wei

            Bamboo Adobe

          I sit alone in the dark bamboo grove,
          Playing the zither and whistling long.
          In this deep wood no one would know -
          Only the bright moon comes to shine.

                                    tr. Liu Wu-chi

The Memorial Temple

Bai Ju-Yi, Tang Dynasty

Sitting near a canyon ravine taking the sun,
Searching for flowers, I walk around the temple.
From time to time, I hear birds singing;
From place to place, I hear sounds of stream.

On Stork Tower

Zhihuan Wang, Tang Dynasty

White sun disappears around mountains,
Yellow River rushes on into the sea,
Longing to see far view even farther,
I climb a flight higher on Stork Tower.

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